Capstone organizes StudyUSA Higher Education Fairs and International Boarding & Day Schools Fairs series every fall and spring, plus summer StudyGlobal Education Fairs for educational institutions at both the postsecondary and secondary levels from all over the world.  (Only regionally accredited colleges and universities, the gold standard of institutional accredited in the US, are permitted to join our StudyUSA Higher Education Fairs.)  

Our fairs are known for the quality service that we provide to you, our colleagues and clients.  We take good care of you both professionally and personally.

Our fairs have a reputation for attracting quality and serious students.  That’s because, unlike some companies, Capstone doesn’t inflate attendance by paying schools to bus students in or hiring services that pay “students” to come.  All students who attend our fairs are provided with free initial consultation and a fair guide that includes information about all of the participating schools. Capstone refunds 100% of the entire advising fee (except visa counseling, if desired) if students apply to and enroll in partner school. 

There are advertising opportunities in the fair guide to increase your visibility during and after the fairs.  The fair guides are distributed to students and parents in our offices and at public events until the next fair series.
All fairs include a targeted high school visits, a country briefing and discussion, plus a consular briefing for the StudyUSA events.  Capstone advisers follow up on all leads visa email and phone.  We also reach out to your student contacts from the fairs and high school visits – at no additional charge.  

Please contact us at [email protected], for more information. 

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