Education Agent

In addition to providing a variety of mostly recruitment-related institutional services, Capstone partners with educational institutions that work with education agents following a unique approach to educational advising.  Our advisers treat parents and students – not partner schools - as clients, meaning they help them create a list of best fit institutions based on student qualifications, interests, goals, preferences, and budget. Students are not guided or pressured to consider only partner schools simply because the latter pay a per student commission.  

If a student ends up attending a partner school, the advising fee is refunded to the parents.. If s/he attends a non-partner institution, Capstone retains the advising fee.  This approach makes sense both ethically and financially. It is mentioned in this October 2018 University World News article entitled An ethical approach to commissions-based recruitment, co-authored by Mark A. Ashwill, Capstone managing director and co-founder, as well as in our company profile.

In this sense, Capstone is not a traditional agent. We act as an agent or a consultant, depending upon the unique circumstances of each case. This approach reflects our focus on integrity, quality, transparency, and business ethics.

Capstone partners enjoy a number of benefits, which are happy to send you upon request.  Just contact us at [email protected].  



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